Shawn M. Hurwitz Empowerment Program

The Hurwitz Empowerment Program

A partnership with KIPP Houston Public Schools and YES Prep Public Schools

The Hurwitz Empowerment Program is a short-term flexible academic program that allows students who have difficulties in the traditional educational setting to excel in an untraditional environment.  The Hurwitz Empowerment Program provides students an opportunity to reflect on their strengths, to reflect on their mistakes, and to grow in confidence and self-awareness so that they can become advocates of their own learning. We believe in serving ALL students and we build student leaders who will not only advocate for their own needs but will work to serve their communities and to find their bigger purpose in the world. We individually support and grow each student leader to ensure they are ready to navigate and successfully complete college or the post-secondary opportunity of their choice. At the Hurwitz Empowerment Program, students will experience individualized learning pathways designed to meet each student where he/she is both academically and socially. Unique to the Hurwitz Empowerment Program, students will also engage 90 minutes a day in community circles to build trusting relationships and social advocacy research to become leaders for change in their communities. Students experience an equivalent ratio of teachers to counselors to ensure each student receives targeted socio-emotional care on a weekly or daily basis. We provide these supports because we believe that when we individually support students both academically and socially in a safe environment, students become their highest and most empowered selves and are prepared for the competitive world beyond. As students complete the program, students become self-aware and can determine the best next educational and career pathway steps to meet their needs and goals.


Click link below to apply for 2018-2019 Lead Teacher position at the Hurwitz Empowerment Program: