KIPP’s Robotix Farmers

by John Holt on Dec 08, 2016

KIPP Academy’s Robotix Team are in Dallas competing in the Texas BEST & UIL State Robotics Championship

Living Out Women's History Month

by Ariel Reynolds on Apr 01, 2016

Three girls from Sunnyside's InvenTeam have found their passion in engineering and are making history as they continue to break STEM barriers.

Why I Teach...High School Math

by Ariel Reynolds on Jan 21, 2016

Any teacher can be great when they know the WHY behind their teaching. Read about why two of our teachers choose to teach high school math with excellence.

KIPP Students Win $7,500 Grant

by Ariel Reynolds on Nov 18, 2015

KIPPsters from KIPP Sunnyside High School won $7,500 from Lemelson-MIT for their invention to repair potholes.

KIPP Partners with Cannybots

by Ariel Reynolds on Oct 22, 2015

KIPP is partnering with Cannybots to provide hands-on robotics, programming, and design experiences.

Fabeah Adu-Oppong: Teaching Impact

by Ariel Reynolds on Aug 31, 2015

Fabeah, a Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award recipient, pushes her students to excel in the classroom while creating permanent relationships outside of it.