Building a KIPP Parent Association

by Ariel Reynolds on Oct 28, 2015

Parents are the backbone of KIPP. Take 5 with Rebecca Dray and learn more about the KIPP Parent Association at KIPP Courage.

KIPP Polaris Boys Live History

by Lupita Talley on Oct 25, 2015

Young men from KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys attended the Million Man March 20th anniversary in October.

Founding KIPP in a New Community

by Ariel Reynolds on Oct 07, 2015

As two new founding schools open, read about Trisha Meerman's experiences investigating the process of being a founding teacher.

33,840 Seconds for a School Leader

by Ariel Reynolds on Oct 03, 2015

Get to know Eric Schmidt by reading a day in the life of this optimistic, courageous, quirky, school leader.

Two New KIPP Schools in Ft. Bend

by Lupita Talley on Sep 09, 2015

Read more about our newest schools and their focus on helping get students to and through college.

Beka Solis: One of Sixty-Four

by Ariel Reynolds on Sep 09, 2015

Beka is one of sixty-four alumni currently working for KIPP. Read about her journey from student to alumna to teacher.