Shontoria: Impacting Her Own Community

by Ariel Reynolds on Apr 07, 2016

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Shontoria Walker, teaches students in the very community she grew up in. Learn more about her journey!

4 Steps for a Healthier School

by Ariel Reynolds on Feb 24, 2016

KIPP Liberation College Preparatory Middle School focused on an all-around healthy lifestyle with new plans and initiatives.

The Graduate Teaching Fellowship

by Ariel Reynolds on Feb 11, 2016

With little teaching experience, Ryan, has transformed into an effective and strong teacher.

Being "Coach A"

by Ariel Reynolds on Jan 07, 2016

Learning that logistics and planning truly do matter, read the journey of a first time coach and why the roller coaster ride is worth it.

Middle School World Changer

by Ariel Reynolds on Nov 24, 2015

Although only in middle school, Tesfa Asmara has great aspirations to change the world and works hard everyday to make his dreams come true.

Building a KIPP Parent Association

by Ariel Reynolds on Oct 28, 2015

Parents are the backbone of KIPP. Take 5 with Rebecca Dray and learn more about the KIPP Parent Association at KIPP Courage.