Leveling the Playing Field in DC

by KIPP Houston on Dec 08, 2015

For KIPP alumna, Thomaia Pamplin, the KIPP Fellowship in Washington, D.C. levels the playing field and gives her access to new opportunities and relationships.

School Board Elections Matter

by Chris Gonzalez on Oct 27, 2015

Ever wonder why it matters that you get out and vote? Read KIPP's 3 main reasons why you need to exercise your right to vote!

33,840 Seconds for a School Leader

by Ariel Reynolds on Oct 03, 2015

Get to know Eric Schmidt by reading a day in the life of this optimistic, courageous, quirky, school leader.

The Benefits of an MBA for Educators

by Lupita Talley on Sep 15, 2015

KIPP Northeast College Preparatory School Leader, Gillian Quinn-Pineda, describes how her MBA has helped her found and lead her school.

Jamaal Henry: The Power of Culture

by KIPP Houston on Aug 26, 2015

As you kick off a great school year, let us reflect on the impact of a deliberate culture at KIPP Northeast.

Katie Chase: Teaching Impact

by Ariel Reynolds on Aug 24, 2015

A Harriett Ball Excellence in Teaching Award winner, Katie challenges herself, her team, and her students to do more and be more than they ever dreamed was possible.