Pre-K3 - 4th


Deb Shifrine


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KIPP SHINE Prep, KIPP’s first early childhood and primary school, was founded in 2004. SHINE has the privilege of working with Houston’s Southwest community. Our mission is to nurture and strengthen our students’ creativity, knowledge, and character. The faculty at KIPP SHINE Prep is whole-heartedly dedicated to preparing our students to excel academically, physically, and socially in the nation’s finest schools, colleges, and beyond.


KIPP SHINE Prep is currently serving more than 800 students in PreK3 through 4th grade. SHINE offers a Spanish language class to all students in addition to providing a half-day PreK program to all PreK3 students and a full-day program for all PreK4 students.

Our student body is 57% Hispanic, 36% African-American, 4% Asian, and 3% Other.

KIPP SHINE Prep teachers appreciate forward thinking, a growth mindset amongst teammates, and the commitment to making a difference in the lives of children.

We are committed not only to our students, but also the national KIPP movement and the success of every KIPPster across the country. one shine. one love.

Teaching at KIPP SHINE Prep

The SHINE team and family demonstrate an unwavering commitment to our mission and to ensuring that our students are prepared to climb the mountain to and through college. Our teachers inspire, encourage, challenge, and develop our students to be the best they can be, every day. We believe that we can change the trajectory of our students’ lives and that all of our students have the ability to achieve greatness.


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