10711 KIPP Way

The philosophy at KIPP Journey is derived from the common vision that school should be a place where each individual is free to explore who they are and who they want to become on their journey. Through strong academic curricula, thoughtful reflection and projects of self-discovery, we guide our students to discover their identities, their capabilities and their potential impact on the world. As educators, we have the limitless potential to unlock the limitless potential of our students. We believe in love, feedback and growth to become better for our students each day as they are on their journey to and through college. 

4211 Watonga Blvd. Houston, TX 77092

KIPP NEXUS is the newest middle school located on the Northwest side of Houston.  At NEXUS, joyful learning experiences are at the center of everything that we do through our school values of Nurture, Empower, Xcel, Unite, and Serve.  NEXUS students will receive a rigorous and balanced curriculum of math, reading, science, and social studies to build reasoning, analysis, and problem-solving skills.  Students will also have technology, music, and physical education daily to promote creativity and emotional balance.  Consisting of two gyms, a baseball field, football field, soccer field, and track, the NEXUS athletic facilities will provide a healthy, active way of life for students, families, and the community.  KIPP NEXUS is the central point for all KIPP Houston Public Schools athletic events.  We are committed to the academic and character development of every student for success in college and the competitive world beyond.  If you are looking for a school that helps students have pride and joy in who they are and what they are learning, look no further than KIPP NEXUS!

8805 Ferndale
Houston, TX 77017

KIPP Prime College Prep is opening as KIPP Houston’s 12th middle school and the second middle school in the KIPP East End feeder pattern. At KIPP Prime College Preparatory, we know that now is the prime time to develop our students into lifelong learners with a strong sense of self. We have a firm belief that ALL students can and will learn. We integrate technology and use data to drive our instructionso that our students can focus on their areas of growth, further preparing them to go to and through  college. We challenge one another to work harder than we thought possible. Our students will be curious and ask thoughtful questions to develop a better understanding of their learning. Beyond academics, we also believe that the explicit teaching of character is integral to becoming productive citizens who will contribute positively to our community.

8440 Westpark Drive
Houston, TX 77063

KIPP Sharpstown is a college-preparatory charter school that aims to serve students in the Sharpstown and Gulfton communities. The team and family of KIPP Sharpstown College Prep works to ensure our students internalize the habits of self-reliance, honor, achievement, responsibility to others, and persistence. These values give our students the ability to become life-long learners capable of excelling in college and transforming tomorrow.

11000 Scott Street
Houston, TX 77047

KIPP Spirit College Prep opened its doors in fall 2006. Located in Southeast Houston, KIPP Spirit is committed to ensuring that every KIPPster grows, develops, and becomes college-ready on a daily basis so that they have the best opportunities in life. Our teachers develop students’ knowledge and habits by focusing on a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum along with the core values of S.P.I.R.I.T. — self-reliance, perseverance, integrity, rigor, initiative, and teamwork which empower children to climb the mountain to and through college and to become citizens who positively impact their community.

2200 Ridgecrest Drive
Houston, TX 77055

KIPP Courage College Prep opened at Landrum Middle School in July of 2012 and is part of the SKY Partnership with Spring Branch ISD and YES Prep Public Schools. At KIPP Courage we learn the value of hard work by engaging in a rigorous curriculum of academics, arts, and athletics. KIPP Courage builds self-mastery in our students by creating collaborative, relationship-focused small groups that value the individual and his or her contribution to the community. As a result of this work, our KIPPsters enter high school with the courage that will carry them to and through college and life.

9616 Mesa Drive
Houston, TX 77078

KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls opened its doors in Fall 2009. Located in Northeast Houston, KIPP Voyage empowers young women to be self-respecting independent thinkers with the academic character and social skills necessary to thrive in, and graduate from, the four-year college of their choice. Each young woman is encouraged to make meaningful contributions to her community and the world. Students and their families commit to upholding school values and coming ready to learn every day.

6700 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston,TX 77074

The growing KIPP CONNECT Middle School is an integral component of the new PreK through 12th-grade KIPP school with wrap-around services modeled after Purpose Built Communities in Atlanta. The vision is to encourage educational excellence, character responsibility, and balanced growth to ensure our students will discover and develop their talents and fulfill their potential to succeed in college and the world beyond. Our students are empowered to take ownership of their path to and through college as pilots, not passengers, of their journey, and ultimately grow into successful community members.

5402 Lawndale Street
Houston, TX 77023

KIPP Intrepid develops self-aware, self-directed, socially-adept learners by providing an individualized learning environment, project-based learning experiences, and integrated character development. At Intrepid, practice makes perfect. ALL of our students have multiple opportunities to practice and perfect academic and behavioral skills. They acquire the character needed to succeed in college and life by participating in thoughtfully designed learning tasks grounded in core content. We understand that parents and community partners are crucial to the success of our students, and we welcome their active support and participation in the life of our school.

5400 MLK, Jr. Boulevard
Houston, TX 77021

KIPP Liberation was founded in 2006 and has since established a home in Houston’s historical Third Ward community. The exceptional team of teachers and leaders at KIPP Liberation College Preparatory strive daily to mold young thinkers into scholars and service-oriented leaders. At Liberation we focus on educating the whole child through a rigorous academic curriculum, character development program and wellness program. Our students work on character skills such as teamwork and peer accountability in daily advocacy classes.

9636 Mesa Drive
Houston, TX 77078

KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys opened its doors in June 2007. Located in Northeast Houston, Polaris is KIPP’s first single-gender school. Its mission is to equip young men with the academic skills, social competencies, and character traits necessary to navigate life challenges, attend and complete the college of their choice, and return to become the leaders of their community. The vision of KIPP Polaris is that an alumnus of the school will take leadership of the Academy. Together, we will re-energize the North Forest region of Houston.

500 Tidwell Road
Houston, TX 77022

KIPP 3D Academy was founded in 2001 and serves students from the Northside of Houston on their journey to and through college. The mission of KIPP 3D Academy is simple, yet powerful ­— to provide students with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character traits required to prepare them for the rigors of competitive high schools, colleges, and the world beyond. This mission, as well as the commitment to excellence made by each student, family, and faculty member, has empowered our students to reach farther than even their own expectations, proving each day that they can achieve their goals through desire, discipline, and dedication.

10711 KIPP Way
Houston, TX 77099

KIPP Academy is the original KIPP middle school. As the founding school, KIPP Academy commits to staying true to KIPP’s two basic rules — “Be Nice and Work Hard.” To teach kids how to be nice, KIPP Academy focuses on appreciation, patience, humility, and doing the right thing because we believe character is as important as academics. To teach kids how to work hard, KIPP Academy focuses on standards based grading,  differentiated instruction, and technology integration in order to make sure that kids are not just ready for standardized tests, but ready for success at the college level.

8500 Highway 6 South
Houston, TX 77083

At KIPP Academy West, we believe that our KIPPsters are developed one at a time. We will meet each KIPPster where they are and support them with love on their journey of continuous learning. Through a strong foundation in literacy, standards-based rigorous instruction, character education, and real-world learning experiences our KIPPsters will be empowered to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. As the leaders of tomorrow, we will prove the possible on our journey to and through college and in life.