5th - 6th


10711 KIPP Way


Alison Cumbley


(929) 454-5477

The philosophy at KIPP Journey is derived from the common vision that school should be a place where each individual is free to explore who they are and who they want to become on their journey. Through strong academic curricula, thoughtful reflection and projects of self-discovery, we guide our students to discover their identities, their capabilities and their potential impact on the world. As educators, we have the limitless potential to unlock the limitless potential of our students. We believe in love, feedback and growth to become better for our students each day as they are on their journey to and through college. 


At KIPP Journey Collegiate, we journey forward with love. We believe in providing all students with a strong academic foundation that will prepare them for the world of the future. We understand the key to unlocking our limitless potential lies in fostering an environment where every member feels safe, loved, connected, heard, and empowered to lead their own journey. We cultivate our connections to one another and believe that the beauty of our individual journeys makes us stronger together. Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow and we work with purpose to develop our hearts and minds so that we are equipped with the knowledge and skills we need to create our own futures. We believe that it is the richness in our community, the beauty in our differences, and the strength in ourselves and in each other that empowers us to lead choice-filled lives. 



KIPP Journey Collegiate will welcome our founding classes of fifth and sixth grade students in August 2019. Journey Collegiate will grow over the next seven years to educate more than 900 KIPPsters in grades 6-12. When fully grown our campus will represent the entire journey to college from grades PK3-12.