Relay Graduate School of Education

Relay Graduate School of Education

All KIPP Houston Graduate Teaching Fellows enroll in the Relay Graduate School of Education to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. Relay’s groundbreaking teacher preparation program offers a unique and powerful pathway for aspiring teachers to begin a long-term career in the classroom.

During the two-year program, Fellows experience a structured and gradual on-ramp into the profession, complete a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree, and, have the opportunity to earn a Texas teaching certificate. Required Relay graduate coursework includes:

  • A two week-long summer term before the first year and between the first and second year of the program.  
  • Two weeknight classes each month devoted to core instruction
  • One Saturday class each month for subject-specific instruction
  • Approximately 8-10 hours of online coursework monthly
  • Frequent observation of the Fellow in the classroom by Relay’s dean and other faculty

To learn more about the Relay Master of Arts in Teaching curriculum, click here.

Additional Support in Year 1

Relay builds upon the M.A.T. experience by providing Fellows access to a high-level curriculum in addition to four elements proven to support aspiring educators.

Deliberate Practice

Practice is the most promising pathway to excellent teaching. Deliberate practice — that is, practice with a focus on the concrete and specific teaching skills that maximize impact in the classroom — is a cornerstone of the Fellowship experience. Each week Fellows are released from their teaching responsibilities for three-hour Deliberate Practice sessions to develop and refine their teaching skills.

Gradual On-Ramp to Teaching

The Fellowship provides Fellows with a carefully structured, gradual on-ramp to teaching as their skills and effectiveness increase during the first year. As they develop their skills and the school year progresses, Fellows teach more often and take on more responsibilities in the classroom.


Because Relay’s programs focus on performance, there are multiple performance assessments and several advancement “gateways” during the first year, which help Relay faculty determine if the Fellow is making adequate progress toward becoming a full-time teacher. 

Support from Fellow Advisors

Each Fellow is paired with an Advisor on campus who mentors and supports them during the first year of the program. The Fellow Advisor provides a window into teaching and the curriculum and culture of the partner school while assisting Fellows’ development by modeling, co-teaching, and planning together.