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KIPP Prime College Prep is opening as KIPP Houston’s 12th middle school and the second middle school in the KIPP East End feeder pattern. At KIPP Prime College Preparatory, we know that now is the prime time to develop our students into lifelong learners with a strong sense of self. We have a firm belief that ALL students can and will learn. We integrate technology and use data to drive our instructionso that our students can focus on their areas of growth, further preparing them to go to and through  college. We challenge one another to work harder than we thought possible. Our students will be curious and ask thoughtful questions to develop a better understanding of their learning. Beyond academics, we also believe that the explicit teaching of character is integral to becoming productive citizens who will contribute positively to our community.


KIPP’s newest middle school serves 222 5th and 6th grade students. Our school will ultimately grow to serve 430 students from South Houston and Pasadena.

At Prime, we believe in fostering a love of reading in each of our students. We know that becoming a strong reader is the foundation for future success in all of the content areas. We differentiate daily in all classes to ensure that students are being met where they are and being pushed to grow in all content areas.  

At KIPP Prime, we say, “It’s Prime T.I.M.E.!” to signal that now is the time for our students to be working diligently to prepare for college and the world beyond. The acronym T.I.M.E. stands for our four values which we live daily to help us achieve our goals. 

Our values are:

            •Tenacity – we persevere in the face of challenges and constantly push ourselves to work harder than we thought possible.

            •Inquiry – we are curious and we ask relevant questions to both challenge and support our initial thoughts.  

            •Make a difference – we are role models and contribute positively to our community.

            •Excellence – we take pride in all of our work and settle for nothing less than our best.

At KIPP Prime, we are one Team, one Family, and one Prime!

Teaching at KIPP Prime College Prep

KIPP’s newest middle school is a place where all staff and students model the belief that all of us will learn. Our staff ensures that we remain student focused, committed, data driven, and lifelong learners. We learn and grow together with our students to ensure that we provide a world class education for our students.


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