Our Impact

Helping our students get to and through college and achieve their dreams is only possible if we know exactly how we are doing. Data helps us understand what our true impact is, what is working, and what needs to be improved.

Six Essential Questions and Report Card

Our Six Essential Questions provide a yardstick by which to measure our progress, keep us focused as we grow, and—most important—help us (KHPS) keep the promises we make to our students and their families. Below are highlights from our 2015 Report Card.

  1. Are we serving the children who need us?​
    • 90% of our students are eligible for free-reduced price meals
    • 6% of our students receive special education services
    • 65% of our students are Hispanic or Latino
    • 31% of our students are African-American
  2. Are our students staying with us?
    • 11% of our students choose a school other than KIPP
  3. Are our students progressing and achieving academically?
    • On 2016 End-of-Course Exams, 78% of our students passed Algebra I, 92% passed Biology, 77% passed English I, 78% passed English II, and 93% passed US History.
    • On Math MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests, 35% of our K-8th grade students are college ready (in the top quartile). On Reading Map tests, 33% of our students in grades K-8th grade are college ready. 
  4. Are our students climbing the mountain to and through college?
    • 94% of KIPPsters who completed a KIPP 8th grade graduated high school (2015)
    • 88% of these same 8th graders matriculated to college in 2015. 
    • While only 10% of students from economically disadvantaged families in Harris County complete higher education, nearly 50% of KIPP Houston students, tracked from the 8th grade, have graduated from college within six years of matriculation. 
  5. Are we building a sustainable people model?
    • 75% of our 2015 teachers stayed at KIPP for the 2015-16 school year
  6. Are we building a sustainable financial model?
    • TEA’s Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (a pass-fail system) notes KIPP, Inc. (KIPP Houston) as passing.

Review our 2015 Report Card to learn more about the results on these key questions for KIPP Houston Public Schools and other KIPP regions.