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2019-20 Lottery Information 

KIPP Houston Public Schools (KIPP) is a tuition-free network of public charter schools. The 2019-20 lottery begins on November 1, 2018 and closes on February 10, 2019.

Each KIPP school is focused on, when possible, serving families in the community near the school. Families fill out a lottery form for each child for a specific KIPP school. We encourage families to fill out a lottery form for the KIPP school where they have priority to have the best chance of getting into a KIPP school.

If you live in Spring Branch ISD and wish to apply to KIPP Courage College Prep, please go to the Spring Branch ISD lottery site, located here. If you have questions, please call 713-251-3800.

Do you have more questions about the lottery for a seat at a KIPP Houston school? Click here for our FAQs.

Lottery Application Forms

Grades Pre-K 3 through 12

Important information that families MUST know about the lottery: 

Please note that you can only enter one KIPP lottery application form for one KIPP school per child. In our new lottery system, we will only be able to accept the first form that you fill out for your child – if you have changes to make to the form after submitting it, please call KIPP Houston at 832-328-1051. Unfortunately, we cannot accept changes made in Apply Houston after your initial form has been submitted. 

Information on lottery application forms (including age, addresses, if a child is a brother or sister of a KIPPster, or if a child is the child of a KIPP Houston employee) will be verified. Falsification of this information will result in your child losing priority.

Lottery Priority

Where open seats are available, children receive prioritization in the lottery for each KIPP school in the following order:

  1. Brothers and sisters of KIPPsters who live in the ZIP code zone for a specific KIPP school or who live outside of any KIPP ZIP code zone and children of KIPP staff
  2. All children who live in a specific KIPP school’s ZIP code zone
  3. Brothers and sisters of KIPPsters who are zoned by ZIP code to a different KIPP school that could serve that child’s grade level
  4. All children who live outside the ZIP code zone of the KIPP school to which they are applying


During the open lottery period beginning November 1 and ending February 10, KIPP accepts student lottery forms to be placed into a lottery. If the number of children interested in a specific grade at a KIPP school exceeds the number of seats available for that grade, names are drawn through a random automated lottery process on March 1, 2019 and families will be notified of their admission status soon afterwards.

If there are not enough open seats available, children will be placed on a waitlist. If and when seats become available at each KIPP school, we will notify families in the order of where they are on the waitlist.

Waitlists do not carry over from one year to the next. You must fill out a new lottery form each school year. If you have not heard from KIPP Houston by April 1, please contact the school whose lottery you applied for regarding your child’s lottery status.

If a child is not admitted through the KIPP Houston lottery, you may research other school options for your child by visiting Families Empowered, an organization committed to helping families find great public school options.

After Lottery Period

After the open lottery period closes, families can continue to fill out an ‘interest form’ for KIPP online or at a KIPP school. Children of these families will be eligible for open seats available after the lottery on a first-come, first-served basis, and will otherwise be added to the waitlist.

After the lottery period, if you have already filled out a KIPP lottery form and are on the waitlist, please feel free to call 832-328-1051 to have your application moved to an open seat. 

Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the lottery.

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