Proud Parents

by KIPP Houston on Aug 26, 2016

High Expectations 

Does "godmother" count?! If so, yes!!!! Our family now has 15 members that have joined the KIPP team and family. We love KIPP because it's empowering our community members to dream and do BIG things for our community. Plus, it feels great to be held to incredibly high standards - we get to prove time and time again that we’re not exceptions to the rule. We're consistently raising the bar! Here's to 22 more years of storytelling!!! #proudKIPPsterandgodmother

—Vanessa Ramirez, KIPP Alumna from Class of 2002  

I'm a super proud KIPP parent because my daughter has excelled in everything she has done since becoming a KIPPster @ KIPP CONNECT two years ago! Even though we have moved, she refuses to change schools, and to be honest it's worth the drive to see her and her successes! Thank you KIPP — because of you she got ADVANCED in both her reading and math STAAR tests last year!!

—Mayra Martinez, KIPP CONNECT Parent  

Proud parents of a 3rd grader that started since Pre-K3. I appreciate all the hard work from the teachers. I also appreciate the fact that it is bridging the gap between home and school and it is making us completely involved in our children's progress. Not one day do I regret my decision to put my child in KIPP — in fact I am counting down the days until my 2-yr-old can start!

—Maggie Abarca 

Super Proud KIPP Parents and it all began on Yellowstone!! Mrs. Tiffany Prados is the best Principal a school could have! I love KIPP because the KIPP way sets the children’s expectations just as high as what the parents want for their children. We've had ups and downs. Some good and not so good changes but at the end of the day there is genuine love found here. The hours are long and the work is definitely put in. I’m Super Proud of the milestones our son has achieved and will achieve! 

—Talana Michelle White, KIPP Zenith Parent  

Strength of Character 

I am a Proud KIPP Parent!! I knew from the start when the founding school leader came into our home, that this was not your average school. We all signed contracts together to do our part to make sure that my 5-year-old (at the time) makes it to and through college!!!! EVERY morning my KIPPsters are greeted with love, positive spirits, a handshake, eye contact and smiles from the staff members. Being one of the founding classes has had it's challenges, BUT there was not a time that I went to them, that they did not try to find a solution that fit ALL... The school days start early and do not end at KIPP. We spend hours doing homework and this definitely shows. I am the proud KIPP parent of future Texas A&M and Spellman graduate...

KIPP c/o 2024 & c/o 2027

We ❤ KIPP Northeast!!!!! 

—Hope Shelton, KIPP Northeast Parent  

Proud KIPP Parent because of the devotion that KIPP has to its students, the endless nights of being on call to help with homework. The uplifting spirits and love they show each kid. The challenge they give our kids and the belief that ALL OF US WILL LEARN, parents included! It's more than just a school, it's a Family! Proud KIPP parent because my child has grown so much ever since he became a KIPPSTER. KIPP EXPLORE❤KIPP SOUTHEAST 

—Adriana Castro, KIPP Explore and KIPP Southeast Parent  

Proud parent of KIPP! Because KIPP goes above and beyond to educate our kids, teaches them values that will last a lifetime, and the support system built for each child is customized to their needs. I can honestly say not many schools do that! And every chance I get, I proudly say My daughter goes to KIPP!

Blessed to have the privilege to send my daughter to this excellent school!

—Jupiter Sparks, KIPP Explore Parent 

I'm a proud mom of 3 KIPPsters. I love how they teach my kids not everything is free in life you have to earn it. The independence things not taught in public schools. 

—Jennifer Elias, KIPP Explore Parent  

Highly Effective Teachers and Leaders 

Both of my children attend and I shout it from roof tops my love for KIPP!!! We have the best communication and relationships with our teachers and school leaders, our school leader knows just about every student's parent by first name because of the relationships he created with each and everyone of them. I love the home visit my children got before they started at KIPP. These individuals cared enough to see beyond classroom walls and get to know where this child spends the other half of their day and who they spend it with and what kind of environment they are coming from and how to prepare themselves for their student on the first day! 

—JoAnn Carpio, KIPP Intrepid Parent

What keeps us at KIPP is the teachers. My girls have been at KIPP SHINE for seven years and we have had amazing teachers every year. My oldest is now at KIPP Academy and she can't stop talking about the teachers. 

—Donna Jackson, KIPP SHINE and KIPP Academy Parent  

This is my baby's first year at KIPP (PreK3) and so far I love how friendly the teachers are. My baby was actually sad it was the weekend! He keeps asking when he will go to school again! Also, it's like magic to me seeing how prepared and the patience on these teachers! I am so glad I chose this school for my little one and I am excited for the years to come to see just how advanced he will be! :) 

—Leeann Acosta 

Proud KIPP parent to 3 KIPPsters who all have been with KIPP since Pre-K4. (I) love how the teachers are so dedicated to teaching our kids and helping them climb the mountain to get to college!! 

—Samantha Calderon, KIPP Dream Parent 

Proud KIPP parent of 2 KIPPsters.

Who have been with KIPP since pk3. Love how the teachers are so dedicated to teaching our kids.

—Sally Trevizo 

Safe, Structured, and Nurturing Environments 

I'm super proud because my 3 KIPPsters love their school their teacher and all the staff. It's a positive learning environment, they really teach them to work hard, dream and believe in themselves.

—Tina McCoy

I feel that kids are safe and loved teachers are so involved. Some of my son's teachers have left the school and still call him and text him to wish him a happy school year. I love my school. 

—Jennifer Elias, KIPP Explore Parent 

(I) Am a Proud KIPP parent of KIPP SHINE PREP. The school has an educative nurturing environment for its students, and the teachers help their students achieve their dreams and aspirations.

—Sunkanmi Ola-Akinlosotu Ayorinde, KIPP SHINE Parent  

I'm a proud KIPP parent because my 1st grader loves going to school daily to grow her brain with reading, math, go noodle, books, friendship, family, discipline, routines, and because she is college bound 100% when she goes to KIPP! 

—Hortencia Oropeza, KIPP CONNECT Parent  

KIPP Through College 

I'm a SUPER PROUD parent at KIPP and LOVE KIPP because my two kids are in college already. Thanks to the hard work of KIPP to help them to climb the mountain to college and KIPP is helping also my little one since PK3 and now in middle school, all these years having GREAT teachers who dedicate and sacrifice a lot of their free time for our kids, going with them much more beyond Z, Thanks KIPP!!!! :) 

—Hortensia Cruz, KIPP Academy Parent 

I am a PROUD parent of a KIPP Houston High School graduate (2016) and current (KIPP) SHINE parent. Now that we have dropped my daughter off at college, I see the benefits of a school like KIPP. There are four other KIPPsters at the same college and they are sticking together, helps to keep them from feeling alone. It’s good to see them prepare for the first week of classes next week. My daughter dreamt of college and she is now enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program. Thank you to all the KIPP teachers and staff who create a strong learning environment which is life changing. 

—Zelena Cortez-Brown, current KIPP SHINE Parent and former KIPP Houston High School Parent  

I love KIPP because it is helping my son get to and through college.

—Antrina Cooper, KIPP Sunnyside Parent  

I'm a proud KIPP parent because I have three wonderful girls who go to school each and everyday for a better tomorrow, they are climbing that mountain to and through college with KIPP's help. My youngest goes to KIPP SHARP, my second goes to KIPP Sharpstown, and my third goes to KIPP Houston High School. We are a KIPP family all around. 

—Sapphire Jazzy, KIPP SHARP, KIPP Sharpstown and KIPP Houston High School Parent 


Proud Mom KIPP Intrepid first now KIPP Generations. Excellent teachers all these years, I'm so grateful I made the right choice for my daughter. 

—Veronica Munoz, KIPP Generations Parent  

What about proud grandparents? We are the ones picking up the KIPPsters and making sure homework gets started. Great work from KIPP. 

—Terry Andrado, KIPP Explore Grandparents 

My KIPPster is now an alumni. Dropped her off to college yesterday. One down, three to go. 

—Muriel C. Johnson, former KIPP Houston High School Parent  

Pr❤ud mom of an awesome child  

—Hilda De Marcos 

I’m proud aunt of KIPPster 

—Jeanna Lopez 

I might not be a parent, but I sure am a proud Grandmother of a KIPPSTER and you sure are doing a great job on educating ALL these KIPPSTERS! 

—Leticia Martinez 

KIPP sharp 4th grade.♡

—Janil Richiez, KIPP SHARP Parent  


—Laura Guerra 

KIPP Explorer and KIPP Intrepid proud parent 

—Velory Sambrano, KIPP Explorer and KIPP Intrepid Parent  

Very proud mom of two KIPPsters! C/o 2023 and 2024! We LOVE our KIPP! 

—Liz Carrillo 

Proud parent of two KIPPsters. 

—Elvira Schaefer 

I'm a super proud KIPP parent because of the way they teach our children to be the best and concentrate in going to college since day 1. 

—Alfaro-Orozco Rose-Mary 

My KIPPster has learned so much and made so many friends in these 7 years that I am sure (we) couldn't have pick(ed) a better school. #KIPPsharp #KIPPsharptown 

—Natalie Ruiz, KIPP SHARP and KIPP Sharptown Parent