KIPP Through College


The mission of KIPP Through College is to empower KIPPsters to employ the academic behaviors, knowledge, and qualities of character in life, so that they will attain a degree(s) in higher education and give back to their communities.  


KIPP Through College (KTC) is a part of the broader KIPP approach that helps to eliminate the opportunity gap between students from high- and low-income communities. KTC counselors and advisors in KIPP schools across the country do whatever it takes to support students as they prepare for college entry and work hard on their journey through college. Local KTC programs are augmented by national initiatives and services that provide access to high school, college, and career preparation resources across the KIPP network.

Support from KTC ensures KIPP students stay on the journey through college graduation and beyond.

We believe that there are a few critical factors for college completion: 
  • Academic readiness 
  • A powerful set of character strengths
  • The right match 
  • Social and academic integration
  • College affordability and financial understanding

To achieve this, KIPP partners with more than 90 college partners. 

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KTC Program 

KTC offers current students and alumni a learning plan for success and support through various initiatives. These initiatives include but are not limited to: 

  • Support counseling
  • Academic support services
  • College placement
  • Summer internships and jobs
  • Enrichment building programs
  • Career Resources and Placement

The KIPP Houston Pennant Ceremony is a rich KIPP Through College tradition. During the winter break of their first semester in college, KIPPsters return to a raucous and supportive crowd of more than 3,000 KIPPsters and parents who cheer them on while they present their college pennant.