Interview Tips

Tips for strengthening your application


This is your first impression and is the key to ensuring you continue in the selection process. Help your resume stand out by following these tips:

  • Make your resume look professional. Your resume should be neatly organized and easy to read.
  • Be concise (less than two pages).
  • Highlight your accomplishments. For educators, this can include standardized test results, leadership roles, awards received, extracurricular activities supported, or programs developed.
  • Ensure your contact information is updated.
  • Edit, edit, edit! Read and re-read your resume for formatting, spelling and grammatical errors, and consistency. Having others read over your resume is always a good idea.

Online Interview

While following the resume tips above does not guarantee you receive an online interview, it will certainly increase your chances. Here are some tips to ace your online interview:

  • Be familiar with KIPP Houston Public Schools. Take some time to learn more about our organization at our KIPP Houston Public Schools and KIPP websites. You can also check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The beauty of the online interview is that it is scheduled at your convenience! You know yourself best. If you are tired or stressed at the end of the day, you may want to consider completing your interview in the morning.
  • Ensure that you can complete the entire interview in a quiet location without interruptions or loss of internet connection.