Growth Strategy

Why Grow?

  • KIPP Houston Public Schools has grown steadily over the past 20+ years, but demand has grown even faster. There are nearly 10,000 Houston children on our waitlist, which is nearly one waitlisted student for each enrolled student.
  • Houston needs more choices for families. Having already expanded to 28 schools, KIPP Houston is well positioned for strategic growth to fill this demand and need.

Our Growth Strategy

  • The short-term goal is to educate 18,000 low-income students annually by 2024, by opening new schools to our existing feeder patterns. Our aspiration is to eventaully educate 30,000 students in the Houston area by adding new feeder patterns.
  • Being able to recruit and retain talented teachers and school leaders is one of the most important success factors for the growth campaign. Without this, we cannot grow. 
  • We have established a Graduate Teaching Fellowship to provide a pipeline of high-quality teachers, improved the work environment, and increased professional development opportunities for teachers and leaders. 
  • KIPP Houston Public Schools’ growth plan will reduce our waitlist and spur transformative change in Houston’s public education system. 
  • We also seek opportunities to collaborate with traditional schools and school districts.

What Will It Cost to Reach the KIPPing Point?

  • Phase 1 of KIPP Houston’s growth campaign to open 10 new schools, including school construction and talent investments, will cost $131 million. More than two-thirds will come from operating cash flow and financing.  
  • The KIPPing Point campaign will raise the $66 million balance. 
  • We seek generous investments from individuals, foundations, and corporations that share our commitment to significantly improve educational opportunities for low-income students in the Houston area. 


  • By implementing our strategic growth plan and multiplying our direct and indirect impact throughout the local education system, KIPP Houston will equip thousands of low-income students with the character and academic skills they need to succeed in college.  
  • This impact will change their lives, their communities, and the greater Houston area forever.