9th - 12th


Amanda Ybarsabal


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KIPP Generations Collegiate (KGC) opened its doors in the fall of 2011. Located just a few blocks from Garcia Elementary where KIPP’s mission began, Generations is a model of hope. At KGC, we believe that “We Lift as We Climb” and that our students’ successes are rooted in the successes of those who came before and those who will come after us. KGC is a place where staff lead with their hearts in order to provide a college-preparatory experience that empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to go to and through college.


KIPP Generations serves 597 college-bound 9th through 12th grade students from Houston’s North and East End communities.

Our student body is 92% Hispanic and 8% African-American.

Our diverse staff of 50 provides a rigorous college-preparatory education with an emphasis on reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Citizenship is one of KGC’s core values. To honor this value, we require our students to complete at least 400 hours of service learning activities to graduate.

Teaching at KIPP Generations

KGC looks to select a community of teachers who are self-aware learners and will commit to driving academic instruction in and out of the classroom. KGC promotes collaboration among all teachers in developing strategies and implementing curriculum for a diverse student population. We believe students learn best while taking an active part in their learning, and the same holds true for the adults at KGC. Together, staff and students will work, plan, reflect, and excel to graduate globally-conscious critical thinkers.


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