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Founded in Houston in 1994, the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) is committed to providing underserved students with a college-preparatory education that prepares them to succeed in college and in life. Nationally, there are 200 KIPP schools serving nearly 80,000 students. In Houston, there are 14,500 KIPP students enrolled in 28 KIPP schools. After many awards over many years (6 Best Place to Work awards) we strive to continue making KIPP Houston Public Schools an extraordinary place to work and build a better tomorrow for all children. 


What professional learning opportunities does KIPP provide?

KIPP Houston Public Schools is a place where the learning never ends, even for teachers! Our schools provide specific Professional Development (PD) to our teachers in the following ways:

  • One week prior to the start of the school year
  • Department and grade-level planning time built into the school day
  • Weekly PD at each school
  • Individualized coaching, frequent classroom observations, and feedback on lesson plans
  • Monthly Data Days to dive deep into the data that drives instruction
  • Three school staff development days when faculty enjoy an entire day of PD at their school

KIPP Houston is a Team and Family. Region-wide PD opportunities are a time for us to learn together:

  • Five PD days led by our Academic Team, and including sessions such as Love and Logic, Writer’s Portfolio, Stra-tiques for English Language Learners, and Eureka Math
  • Professional learning communities based on grade levels and content areas
  • Semester-long Emerging Leaders and Leadership U courses 

In addition to collaborating with teammates here in Houston, our teachers have the opportunity to collaborate across the KIPP network with teachers and leaders in our 200 schools nationwide through:

  • Annual KIPP School Summit, a week-long national conference designed to share best practices, knowledge, insights, and curricular support for teachers 
  • KIPP Share, an online community based platform for sharing materials and ideas
  • Content retreats hosted by the KIPP Foundation for targeted subject areas
What benefits does KIPP provide?

At KIPP, we believe people are our greatest asset and work hard to put people first by providing a competitive salary and quality benefits for our Team & Family. Learn more about some of the benefits provided here

What are KIPP’s results?

See KIPP Houston Public School’s report card here

How much autonomy do teachers have? 

Our teachers are leaders, and they make thousands of decisions every single day that are in support of student learning. We support our teachers by providing them with common assessments, curricular resources and a pacing plan for the year. Our teachers then consider their specific students, their current data, and trends we’re seeing across the region to make decisions about how to modify or supplement their lessons. Their personal style is a critical part of their effectiveness, and so you will see our teachers bringing similar content to life in many different ways across our schools.

What will my schedule be?

A teacher’s schedule will vary from campus to campus. Our students arrive by 7:25 each day, so our teachers are on campus at 7:00am. Our schools have autonomy over the schedule of the day, so the length of each class and the number of classes you teach will be different depending on your school. Our students are dismissed at 4:15 Mondays through Thursdays and at 3:15 on Fridays. Click here to view the 2016-17 school year calendar and see the days schools are in session.