5th - 8th


Eric Schmidt


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KIPP Courage College Prep opened at Landrum Middle School in July of 2012 and is part of the SKY Partnership with Spring Branch ISD and YES Prep Public Schools. At KIPP Courage we learn the value of hard work by engaging in a rigorous curriculum of academics, arts, and athletics. KIPP Courage builds self-mastery in our students by creating collaborative, relationship-focused small groups that value the individual and his or her contribution to the community. As a result of this work, our KIPPsters enter high school with the courage that will carry them to and through college and life.


KIPP Courage serves over 400 students in 5th through 8th grade from Houston’s Spring Branch community. KIPP Courage transitions to YES Prep Northbrook High School after 8th grade.

All students at KIPP Courage receive instruction in Humanities, Science, English-Language Arts, and Math. The curriculum used in all classrooms is rigorous and lifework (or homework) is required every night. Joy is an essential part of the KIPP Courage experience as smiles and warmth are seen and felt throughout the building.

All students participate in fine arts and athletics with Landrum Middle School as part of the SKY Partnership. Starting in 5th grade, students are able to participate in classes such as choir, theatre, band, art, and orchestra. Additional classes such as Metal Shop, Wood Shop, Journalism and Broadcasting are available in older grades.

Teaching at KIPP Courage

Working at KIPP Courage requires teachers to be open to new ideas. Not only is the SKY Partnership a unique and innovative setting, KIPP Courage is also innovating around the use of technology in the classroom. Effective teaching at KIPP Courage requires teachers to think out of the box in order to give students the character strengths of optimism, zest, grit, curiosity, gratitude, social intelligence, and self-control to make the climb to and through college.


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