Pre-K3 - 3rd


Lindsey Smith


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At KIPP Climb Academy, we believe in providing a world class education where students develop character, intellect, and critical thinking skills. We meet Climbers where they are and help them discover the best version of themselves. We believe that every day should be challenging, filled with abundant joy and success, and that it is our collective responsibility to honor and support each other through this journey. We are a team and a family. We lift as we climb.


KIPP Climb Academy serves 238 Kindergarteners and 1st graders. We will grow to serve over 800 students in PreK3 through 4th grade.

We focus on ensuring that all of our students have a solid foundation in reading and math, preventing any gaps that may hold them back in their future. This is accomplished by a commitment to individualized instruction through data-driven small group lessons, and adaptive blended learning technology programs. We meet every child where they are so that success is achieved. 

While academics are extremely important, at KIPP Climb Academy we believe that building character is equally as important. A student’s success in life is determined by both their academic achievement and character. At Climb we begin at an early age
teaching our students the BRIGHT values (Believe, Reach, Imagine, Give, Honor, and Trust). The values help us to break down much more difficult concepts into lessons that can be understood by all. The values are infused into every element of the day. 
We take pride in sweating the small stuff (like making eye contact when shaking hands) and teaching lessons that are so important to the social and emotional development of our students.


The philosophy at KIPP Climb is derived from our vision and reflected in our approach. Our character development program guides every lesson in the building, and our faculty is an essential part of creating and living this vision where excellence is expected and worked on every day. We believe in being a school where both children and adults learn.  Growth mindsets are lived daily as each member of our community brings grit and optimism to our work, honing our skills to be even better than we were the day before.


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