Words from a KIPP Liberation Parent

by KIPP Houston on Jan 23, 2016

The KIPP Everyday Moments blog was created to tell the stories of KIPP. We try to diversify the voices you hear as much as possible, sharing stories from staff, teachers, alumni, and KIPPsters. One very important voice that isn't shared as often as it should be is the one from our parents. The guardians in our KIPPsters' lives play a crucial role that we could never fill. 

One KIPP Liberation parent wrote school leader, Tai Ingram, about her experience attending a Saturday Learning Lab. We are so thankful for our parents. They commit themselves to their children's education and a better tomorrow for all children.

A Parent's Voice

Hi Mrs. Ingram,

I am going to expose myself by being very transparent with my first statement. “I did not want to attend the Saturday Learning Labs.” I made all kind of excuses as to why I didn’t have the time and just couldn’t. Well, shame on me. It was not what I envisioned in my mind at all! It was extremely organized, informative and I learned so much!!!! I learned things that my kid didn’t know, probably because he wasn’t paying attention, but he knows now (LOL). The reason I say he wasn’t paying attention, no one can ever say KIPP is not a school that doesn’t communicate information. You all have the communication thing locked down (LOL).

I love the fact there were different components, it addressed education, health and provided assistance to help us guide our children’s education for a successful future. The time went extremely fast and I believe it can be attributed to the fact everything was organized, interesting and the staff and vendors of KIPP were professional and delightful. It was exciting to hear about the Growth Chart that’s in place to ensure the children not only stay on track, but to identify area that need extra attention.

Unfortunately, most of the time you and your staff of educators only hear what is not working, and not enough of what’s working. Well, I am telling you this program, Parent Learning Lab, works! Don’t base it on attendance because you have people like me, who didn’t clearly understand the value of this program. Please don’t stop, it works. I truly appreciate all you and your staff do!

On another note, I stopped in a couple of times in my son’s class and was in shock at the behavior teachers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Personally, I could not do it and I commend those who answered God’s calling for them to teach. Teaching is truly a calling, you are disciples of education. Without educators the world would have a hopeless future.

The challenge is that we as parents have to be more accountable for the child that we are sending you to develop. If we are not supporting you and picking-up on our end then it makes it very hard for you and your staff. Sometimes I think that parents are like, “They get paid to educate my child. Why do I have to do anything?” Well, the response is that you and your staff are getting paid to develop our children, but if we don’t support you and send our children with a strong foundation then developing our children will be a challenge.

I will never understand why society and the government don’t understand that we need to pay educators more and provide more stress relief resources as well. You all are the today, the tomorrow and the future developers of this world.

Thank you for all you do, you are appreciated!

Betty Davis-Gilbert