Top 7 Ways to Spend Labor Day

by Ariel Reynolds on Sep 04, 2015

Work hard. Be nice. KIPP lives by this motto on a daily basis, but even our hard-working, little KIPPsters need a break every now and then. Below are the TOP 7 ways to spend your Labor Day according to our Facebook followers.

1. Make the world a better place, and volunteer. -Antrina Cooper

Giving back to the community of Houston is a wonderful way to live out the values we strive for at KIPP. Click the links below to see different ways you can give back this weekend!

-Volunteer Houston

-Volunteer Match

-Houston Food Bank

2. Do a fun filled spelling bee, and then go for a picnic. -Aishat Ajayi-bashir

Places to picnic in Houston:

-Hermann Park

-Menil Park

-Clear Lake Park

-Memorial Park

-George Bush Park

3. Swim with math. -Crystal Renee Ibarra

Write numbers on pool objects and throw them in the pool. Ask a math question, and have the children dive for the answer.

4. Why not be a tourist in your own town? -Kay W. White

Explore what Houston has to offer. Visit some museums, or just take a ride around town on the metro to see new things in places you wouldn't usually go! Need a little Houston bucket list inspiration? Try these:

-Try a new restaurant

-Go to the Houston Public Library

-Visit the Museum District

-Learn about different types of animals at the Houston Zoo

-Visit an indoor playground

-See the gardens at Bayou Bend

5. Research the people that made this day possible. -Deadria Carmouche Bonton

Make sure kids understand how important Labor Day is. Here is some information to get you started!

6. Family kickball day! -Tonia Randall

Games are a great way to get the entire family involved! You could play board games, charades, freeze, baseball, soccer, balloon volleyball, and so much more. Find a game that involves everyone in the family, and start playing together!

7. My daughter, Isabel, will enjoy her day off by visiting her siblings, Andrea and Omar, at the University of Texas in Austin! -Hortensia Cruz

Labor Day weekend is a great time to go visit some potential colleges for your KIPPsters! Take time to walk around the campuses as well as learn the surrounding areas. Some of my favorite things to do when visiting a college campus are trying out different restaurants and hang-out spots the students visit often.

Labor Day is a great opportunity to step away from everyday work that often consumes us. We hope you can use one of these suggestions or find your own way to celebrate the holiday!