Top 5 Reasons to Work at KIPP

by Chris Gonzalez on May 13, 2016

in Team & Family

Working at KIPP Houston isn't just a job, it's an opportunity to build a better tomorrow through education. We're committed to making sure our employees have everything they need to be successful at KIPP and we need the right talent to make it happen.

We hold our employees to a high standard because our students hold us to a high standard. Everyone remembers a great teacher who inspired them to achieve, or showed them the joy of a subject, or simply just made learning fun. There aren’t many jobs out there where the results are so immediate and so rewarding. Teaching can be both challenging and satisfying. In the same day, same time, same hour, you can experience extreme highs from a student “getting it” and extreme lows from a student “losing it.” Teachers are in this work for the long haul.

If you love teaching and are committed to making an impact on the lives of students from underserved communities, read the 5 rewarding reasons to teach at KIPP.

1. Best Job Ever

KIPP Houston has received six best places to work awards in the last 3 years. We were selected because of Big KIPPster (staff and faculty) survey responses and our collective work as a Team & Family.

2. Salary and Benefits

Whether you are looking to use one of our four on-site licensed daycare facilities, remain physically fit, or seek to shop ‘til you drop, KIPP offers remarkable benefits that can flex to your needs and lifestyle. Our salary scale starts at $50,400 for teachers with 0 years of experience, with pay increasing based on years of experience.

3. Professional Growth

Across the network, all KIPP teachers have access to various professional development opportunities to continue improving their craft. Teacher professional development is both formal and informal, and is offered at the school, regional, and national level. In addition, KIPP offers world-class professional development to teachers and aspiring leaders through our KIPP School Leadership Programs.

4. Team & Family

We encourage innovation and creativity within our schools and classrooms to give our students the world-class education they deserve. In addition to this culture of innovation, you’ll also have the support of more than 3,000 KIPP teachers, school leaders, and support staff (Team & Family, as we call it). You won’t be starting from scratch, you’ll be building from what works and collaborating with peers in your school, in your city, and across the country.

5. Our Vision

All KIPP schools share a core set of operating principles. As our network has grown, and leaders across the country have committed to building high-quality schools, we have reflected on what it takes to build a system of high-performing schools.

- High Expectations
- Strength of Character
- Highly Skilled Teachers and Leaders
- Safe Environments
- KIPP Through College