Top 5 Favorite Employee Benefits

by Sarah Brock on Nov 11, 2015

in Team & Family

Our employees have once again voted KIPP Houston as one of the Best Places to Work and a Top Workplace in the Houston Business Journal and Houston Chronicle, respectively. We know our employees are our greatest resource and we love to treat them well! We asked our Team & Family to tell us more about what perks and benefits make KIPP the #bestjobever. Here’s what they had to say:

1. KIPP Invest Savings Plan

“My favorite KIPP benefit is the employee savings plan because it helps me feel more secure about my financial future.” – Tyrone Hill, Senior Data Team Manager

KIPP Invest is a retirement and matching plan to help our employees save for retirement. KIPP will match 100% up to $1,200 beginning in the employee’s third year.

2. Discounts for Employees

“My favorite KIPP benefit is the Sprint discount because it allows me to pay an affordable rate for my cell phone service.” – Amber Smith, KIPP Legacy

KIPP provides discounts through several partners, including the YMCA, TUTS (Theater Under the Stars), Sprint, and many retail stores including Target, Old Navy, Amazon, and more!

3. Daycare & Family-Friendly Work Environment

“My favorite KIPP benefit is the KIPP Daycare on campus because my son and I are treated like family. It’s a really nice  to know that my child is just a few steps away, and I can go in and check on him or have lunch with him at any time.” – Iris Blanco- Herrera, KIPP CONNECT MS

At KIPP we believe in Team & Family, and it’s not just the employees included in that – we want to make sure their families feel like part of our larger KIPP family. Besides offering subsidized daycare on campus, KIPP also has a partnership with enannysource to provide FREE premium membership to our employees.

4. Putting Health First!

“I love White Glove because they can take care of me, while I can take care of my kids.” – Mira  Shah, KIPP CONNECT MS

“I love my discount at the YMCA and White Glove because they help me stay healthy!” –Bobbie Freeman, KIPP Sunnyside High School

White Glove is a medical concierge service provided at no additional cost to our employees. For the same price as their co-pay, employees can have a nurse practitioner come visit them at their home or work instead of going to a doctor! KIPP also provides free annual check-ups and flu shots to keep our Team & Family healthy.

5. Years of Service Travel Award

“I love the travel voucher for our years of service. I used my four-year voucher for a staycation at the Houstonian Hotel to celebrate my fifth anniversary. My husband and I were excited to spend time together at the same place where we held our wedding reception.” – Rebecca Alsup, Director of Talent Development

We want our employees to practice resting and relaxation (one of our four Vital Behaviors)! So to reward them for their years of service, we give out travel awards for every four years of service, beginning with $500, and increasing by $500 every four years to $1,500.