Teachers: We Appreciate.

by Chris Gonzalez on May 05, 2015

in Team & Family

May is an exciting and tiring month.  Teachers, kids, and parents are sprinting to summer and ready for a break.

It is in the first week of this month that we pause from the mayhem to appreciate. As we reflect on the year and teachers in our lives, we know that the words “Thank You” just don’t have the weight they deserve.

How do you thank the person who interacts with your child every day, inspiring them to be greater than they ever imagined?

…Or the PreK teacher who tells your daughter she can be a butterfly when she gets to college because she knew the metamorphosis is real?

…Or the teacher who laughs so hard when your kindergartener can’t sound out words that start with “P”, because he giggles every time he stutters and says “P…P…”?

…Or the teacher who picks up your snot-nosed, teary-eyed six year-old when he trips on the shoelaces that she told him to tie and hugs him like you would have had you been there?

How do you thank the teacher who explains logarithmic equations again and again, answering late-night calls for confused kids?

…Or the teacher who shows up for your kid’s Quincenera  or football game because YOUR kid matters to them?

…Or the teacher who teaches physics through cardboard boat construction, and laughs with them as some boats sink?

…Or the teacher who steadfastly helps your kid evaluate his college options and find the right match and gives him as much attention as she would have her own child?

You can’t, but you try. You try real hard to show that they mean the world to you, your family, and your children…and you are truly thankful that they endure and thrive in the classroom, creating calm out of chaos.

To all the teachers, thank you for believing in and building a better tomorrow. We know that each of these every day moments are culminating into a lifelong impact of greatness for every child you touch.

And for all my fellow parents, stop and say thank you today. You don’t need a card or a gift, just your words about what this appreciation really looks like.