Sergio Valadez: Senior Year Journey

by Ariel Reynolds on Sep 26, 2015

in Our KIPPsters

Hearing statistics never matters as much as hearing personal stories. Numbers aren’t faces, and percentages aren’t likes and dislikes, struggles and triumphs. Often we share statistics because to account for groups as a whole. But what happens when we slow down and share the real stories, the ones where you see the likes and dislikes, the struggles and triumphs?

As I thought about what it would look like to share a KIPP story, I automatically thought about the journey to college (I mean this is KIPP after all).  Enter Sergio, the very helpful, calm-natured senior that decided to take on my idea. This blog post will turn into a blog series, a journey that follows Sergio throughout his senior year, one that will see what it is like to be a KIPPster taking on the task of matriculating to and through college. 

Introducing Sergio Valadez

1. School: Generations, Class of 2016.

2. KIPP History: Started in 5th grade at KIPP 3D Academy.

3. Hobbies: Soccer for 8 years. Position: Striker.

4. Best KIPP Memory: Winning the state championship in February.

5. Favorite Movie: Anything in the Batman Series.

6. Favorite Subject: History.   

7. Random Facts: 1. Avid Chelsea FC fan. 2. Middle child. 3. Only boy of 3.

Thankful for the opportunities of KIPP, Sergio has been exposed to a professional environment, allowing him to dream big for his future. Sergio spent this previous summer interning with the law firm of Baker Botts LLP. Surrounded by prestigious lawyers in downtown Houston, Sergio grew immensely and learned more than he thought was possible. Sergio has since set his sights to graduate college and pursue corporate law. 

The College Process

Sergio has currently applied to nine different universities all over the country. The applications are complete and the essay portion is ahead. With an older sister currently at the University of Pennsylvania, Sergio is excited about experiencing life outside of Texas and being closer to his older sister. Sergio’s dream school would be to attend Syracuse University in New York.  

“I am feeling very confident and excited about my college process,” Sergio said. “I will be happy when I can say that I have graduated college.”