Sergio: Persistent. Resilient. Driven.

by Ariel Reynolds on Jan 28, 2016

in Our KIPPsters

Persistent. Resilient. Driven.

We are highlighting Sergio, a KIPP Generations Collegiate KIPPster, throughout the journey of his senior year.  If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, make sure to click and read those first!

Throughout the month of December, seniors began receiving acceptance letters and scholarship offers. After years of work and months of waiting, we are excited to announce that Sergio will be attending Syracuse University after receiving a scholarship package worth more than $60,000!

Don’t just take it from us though. Here is what three important people in Sergio’s life said when asked about this rock-star student.

Olvin Carias taught Sergio in Algebra 2, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus. He also served as his grade level chair during his 9th and 10thgrade years and his mentor during 11th and 12th. Currently, Sergio is as an officer for the National Math Honor Society (NMHS) that Olvin started at KIPP Generations.

“I admire Sergio’s dedication to doing well for others. Sergio works really hard to ensure that everyone is laughing and having a good time. He has a tendency of doing whatever it takes to ensure that everyone is taken care of and goes out of his way if they need anything.”

At the end of his junior year, Sergio asked if he was right for the position of Secretary for NMSS. Olvin wanted Sergio to stop doubting himself and grow in his confidence. Sergio’s first sentence year was, “I am ready to serve. Give me as much responsibility as you can. I trust I can do it and if I can’t, I will do whatever it takes to get it done.”

Jennifer Estrada is Sergio’s college counselor. “I admire the way Sergio can stay calm in the difficult times. During the entire college application process, Sergio had a poise and confidence about himself. It was never arrogant, but showed his ability to be composed and resilient.”

While planning for a Halloween fair, each advisory was responsible for a booth idea to raise money. Sergio’s class decided to sell different types of corn at their booth. Jennifer began posing questions for the class about how to realistically think about the logistics. Sergio offered to pay for items if it were needed, because he has such a giving spirit, it was just his natural response.

Bonisile Ntlemeza has been Sergio’s AP Psychology teacher and his soccer coach for three years.

“Sergio is a very driven kid. He is very sharp and very intelligent. It’s crazy because you have these kids and some are great at sports and some are great in the classroom, but Sergio is an all-around student.”

Sergio was selected as a team captain for his senior year because he was always seeking feedback. After playing as a striker for two years, Sergio was moved to goal keeper this year to fill a gap his team needed. After three years together, Bonisile’s favorite memory of Sergio was during year two at the State Championship soccer game. As a team full of seniors, Sergio didn’t play much during the championship game but was able to celebrate the championship win afterwards with everyone.

“Seeing him celebrate was a big deal for me,” explained Bonisile. “He understood what we needed to do as a team to win. For me, that’s an indicator of his maturity. I am proud to be Sergio’s coach.”

Each blog post we learn more about Sergio Valadez, more about his maturity, resilience, and willingness to serve others. Sergio, we are so proud of you!