Reflecting on 12 years of being a KIPPster

by John Holt on Mar 10, 2017

in Team & Family

After 12 years with KIPP Houston Public Schools, Project Manager Cicely Taylor will soon be moving to California. She reflects on what makes it so difficult to leave this family.

I can honestly say leaving KIPP Houston was not in my original goal setting plans back in August, however, I do believe there is a reason for every change in life and I am looking forward to my new purpose.

I have been given amazing opportunities to learn and grow professionally in my tenure here at KIPP Houston. My interactions and experiences with “the KIPP Houston Team and Family, have shaped me into the person I am  today. I stand today not only 12 years older, but hopefully wiser as well J. It is my hope that in some way I have made a similar impact at KIPP Houston.

Finally, I would like to give you my top 5 list for what I believe makes KIPP Houston Public Schools such a great place to work:

  1. It’s not just a job - Where else can you say your job is part of an education movement whose main goal simply is to help students to and through college.
  2. Innovation is accepted - If you have an innovative idea and are willing to put in the time and work on it you are encouraged and supported.
  3. Hierarchy is not so high - The Co-Founder and Superintendent are super approachable and really do take the time to say hello, lend an ear, share sweet treats and give an occasional fist pound/man hug.
  4. The spirit of Team and Family…enough said!
  5. No one is perfect - Sometimes you fail, however you are given the opportunity to own your mistakes and to make up for them.

I will miss my KIPP Team and Family. 

Cicely Taylor