Parent Advocate - Fighting Inequality

by KIPP Houston on Mar 09, 2016

in Team & Family

At KIPP, we believe it takes three, meaning the school, the child, and the parent, all committing to excellence together to provide the best future possible for that child. We are incredibly thankful for our parents who advocate for a better future full of options and opportunities for all children.

Ms. Harrison, a KIPP Academy mother, has advocated passionately for more than 6 years. Read her words on why she chooses to advocate. 

My son joined OUR KIPP Family in Kindergarten (2010/2011), and I attended the first trip to Austin that year.

Over the past 6 years I have become more passionate about advocating as I learned more about the inequality in OUR children's education. I extended my concerns to legislators in Austin and even my mother. As a result, our family has attended every Austin trip scheduled from 2010-2016 because of three main reasons:

    1. WE (parents & authority figures) need to level the educational learning/playing field. Our kids and grandkids will be competing globally, and we have a social and moral obligation to provide ALL children with equal opportunities.

    2. Equally opportunities can't be achieved if we continue to use a zip code as a premise for our children's school enrollment. Parents should be able to make all choices for their child, especially education.

    3. Taxpayer funds should be equally distributed between public and charter schools to aid with educating our children. Our children should not receive less state funding because I made a choice for my child.

Thank you, Ms. Harrison for being a parent advocate! We couldn’t do this work without you!