Lisa Williams: KIPP PEACE

by Sarah Brock on Jul 27, 2015

Lisa Williams is joining the KIPP Team & Family as the School Leader of KIPP PEACE Elementary. She is in her 25th year in education, 10 of those as a classroom teacher. She comes to KIPP from HISD where she served for the past five years as a principal. She received her undergrad and graduate degrees from Cleveland State University, and she holds a doctorate from Oakland University in Michigan.

1. What led you into teaching?

I had a sister who was a teacher so when I was spending time in her classroom as a teenager I just fell in love with teaching. I also became a Sunday School teacher as well and that made me love teaching even more.

2. What interested you about KIPP?

What interested me the most was first of all was the name and premise behind the campus I’m at - KIPP PEACE. Also, I am a product of an at-risk environment and having teachers who cared and loved me and nurtured me made me want to do that in an environment like KIPP.

3. What assets and experiences do you bring that you think will be valuable in your new role?

I think just I’ve always worked in at-risk environments and coming from at-risk environments myself, I can relate to the needs of the students as well as the parents. I would also say that I’ve had the opportunity to work across states. I’ve worked in Ohio, Michigan, and now Texas. Each of those gave me experiences I can draw from that will enrich what I’m doing now. Those previous experiences have nurtured my toolkit.

4. What is your vision for your school this next year and how will you work to achieve it?

I think my vision for PEACE  is making our values come to life. I’ve had the chance to meet with the staff and the parent organization, and after hearing everyone’s ideas I’m thinking about all the things that are already here at this campus that we can develop and organize and make this vision become a reality. 

5. What are you most excited about in your new role at KIPP?

I think I’m most excited about the freedom I feel. KIPP feels like a breath of fresh air.