Learning Never Stops

by John Holt on Jan 13, 2017

in Alumni, Team & Family

Having recently completed her first semester at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi, Emily Argueta, a 2016 KIPP Houston High School graduate, spent eight years at KIPP.  

“All of the assignments we had at KIPP, you were supposed to do them on time,” Emily said. “If you turned them in late, you would get points deducted, and that’s how it is in college. You can’t turn something in late because that’s going to affect you in the long run…Even the model of work hard and be nice, it helps you. You have to be nice to others and work hard to graduate and pass classes.”

Emily’s first semester of college was difficult, but it also provided her fresh perspective. “It was nerve-racking at first,” Emily said. “I expected it to be hard, to be on your own and not depend on anybody else. In high school I depended on teachers, and my mom.”

With her first college class being at 8:00 a.m., Emily’s biggest adjustment was waking up each morning. At the same time, she understands that a key responsibility in education is attaining independence.  

“Nobody is pulling your hand and saying, ‘Oh go to class or you have a class at this time,’” Emily said. “You go by yourself.”

Only having two friends when she arrived in Corpus Christi in August, Emily elected to become involved in a pair of clubs as an outlet for meeting new people. “I joined the sea turtle club and green team at school,” Emily said. “The green team helps the environment, recycles, and does community work. The sea turtle club is helping the sea turtles find an environment because they are going extinct.”

Emily plans to major in kinesiology, and is looking forward to more experiences at college. “I’m excited to learn more in the classes that I’ve registered for this upcoming semester and to learn more about the school,” Emily said. “You can’t just learn everything in one semester.”

Like she was taught at KIPP, the learning never stops!