Talent Development at KHPS

by KIPP Houston on Nov 09, 2015

in Team & Family

We don’t just teach and “grow” children, but we grow our own minds, hearts, and skills.

Along with school leaders and RST department leaders, the Talent Development team facilitates leadership and growth opportunities.

New Big KIPPsters

  • KIPPnotizing: This orientation with role-specific sessions welcomes new Big KIPPsters to the Team & Family!

  • New Hire Pre-Boarding Curriculum: This online course is designed for fundamental information  prior to starting at KIPP.

  • New Teacher Strand at Regional PD days: These sessions are specifically designed for new KIPP teachers. Next sessions will be offered at March Regional PD!

All Teachers

The Talent Development team has recently launched a Teacher Pathways initiative to provide teachers with multiple avenues for career growth. The Teacher Pathways work will define excellent teaching and provide differentiated development, rewards, and leadership opportunities to support long and successful careers in KIPP Houston. Stay tuned in the coming months for more information on the 2016-17 pilot program!

New Leaders

  • Emerging Leaders: This semester-long leadership cohort equips new leaders of teams or programs with theories, frameworks, templates, and tools that will help them successfully lead people and initiatives. It’s also a great way to work with a cross-section of leaders across KIPP, meeting peers in other KIPP departments and schools.

  • STEP Program: This fall leadership cohort is intended for Shared Leaders (deans, assistant principals, and instructional coaches) in their 1st or 2nd year and focuses on data-driven decisions, critical thinking and problem solving, instructional coaching, and impact and influence.

  • Leadership 101: This event showcases KIPP’s current local and national leadership development opportunities and offers a forum to network with current/aspiring leaders of KHPS. Registration goes out in November!

Experienced Leaders

  • Leadership U Strand at Regional PD days: These sessions are designed for seasoned instructional or non-instructional KIPP leaders. The next sessions will be offered at March Regional PD!

  • Houston Leaders for Education: This year-long cohort is for Shared Leaders in role for 2+ years and in partnership with YES Prep and Spring Branch ISD. It focuses on leading change with people and through systems.

  • Summer Training Camp: This summer retreat lasts two days and is offered annually for shared leaders, school leaders, heads of schools, and RST managers, directors, and chiefs and has multiple workshop options for learning and collaboration.

  • One Song and Halftime Huddle: These monthly meetings include school leaders, heads of schools, RST directors, and RST chiefs who focus on development, collaboration, information-sharing, and decision-making related to regional initiatives.