KIPP Partners with Cannybots

by Ariel Reynolds on Oct 22, 2015

Cannybots is a Cambridge, UK based Robotics firm making programmable and 3D-printable robots for fun and education. Schools worldwide are using Cannybots’s robot building kit in their classrooms to teach programming, 3D-printing, and robotics. The firm has launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the consumer version of their latest robot building kit.

Cannybots, the programmable smart toy robots (controlled from a smartphone or tablet), recently announced a partnership with KIPP. The partnership will enhance digital curriculum in KIPP classrooms because Cannybots will donate one kit per every 100 kits sold to KIPP.

Shequelle Foster-Gims, KIPP Spirit College Prep’s school leader, is excited about the opportunity to bring robotics and programming to her school. Shequelle feels that having Cannybots at the school gives students the “why” behind the math and science they are learning. KIPP Sunnyside High School, Spirit’s feeder high school, already has a robotics program and 3D printer. Having Cannybots at KIPP Spirit will build a bridge between the middle and high schools.

“The programming piece is the most intriguing to me,” Shequelle said when first introduced to the Cannybots program. “I love that students can participate on different levels. Whether  they have basic or advanced knowledge, my students will be engaged and challenged by this program.”

Cannybots are smart toy robots that teach kids robotics, programming, design, and 3D printing while they are playing with exciting and interactive race cars that they create.

“We are honored and excited to partner with KIPP,” said Anish Mampetta, CEO of Cannybots. “KIPP shares our vision of bringing technical education to under privileged communities. This aligns with the vision of developing Cannybots as a robotics platform that every child can access."

To introduce children to programming, the Cannybots team created a simple and intuitive app called ‘CannyTalk’. The app uses a syntax-free programming environment that works like a friendly chat tool. Using the app anyone can program a Cannybot using plain English. The complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) based engine behind CannyTalk is developed in association with researchers from the Computer Science department at the University of Cambridge.

Once built and programmed, the bots can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet and be used in a number of play scenarios (aka games) such as high speed racing, time trials, sumo-wrestling, jousting and puzzle-solving. Apps and printable tracks are available for each game.

“We are excited to partner with Cannybots to bring robotics to KIPP classrooms,” Mike Feinberg, Co-Founder of KIPP said. “Cannybots creates hands-on experiences for our students to learn programming and grit as they solve problems. We are always grateful for partners who are committed to building a better tomorrow for all children.”