KIPP Northeast: Navigating the Globe

by KIPP Houston on Apr 26, 2015

in Our KIPPsters

Summyr-Ann Glover and Samantha Fuentes, 10th graders at KIPP Northeast College Preparatory, share their experiences visiting Madrid, Grenada, Toldeo, Seville, and Costa del Sol of Spain with their classmates and teachers.

It started off as a scavenger hunt around Granada down a narrow street where the civilians traveled freely without a care in the world. Five of us wandered down the pathway searching for the flower of Granada, hoping to find everything on our list before the other groups. We walked against time, collecting all the answers and pictures we could to win the scavenger hunt. Even as the last second of the race left us, we wrote down the last answer we could and rushed to turn in the paper.

Why are we in Spain? Students from KIPP Northeast College Preparatory traveled for 10 hours there and back for Spring Break because Spain was a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us. It has so much culture and personality that we just couldn’t miss it, and since our school was able to offer us this chance through EF Educational Tours, 13 of us took it within a blink of an eye.

Yes, the scavenger hunt was super fun, but the best thing was actually seeing Granada before we left. Granada is a beautiful place, and seeing these strangely unique civilians just made it so much better. We left Granada after the scavenger hunt and continued being as optimistic as possible even through the rain, since Spain was still beautiful with or without some drizzling.

On our bus ride, our tour director told us about Don Quixote, a very popular novel in the Spanish culture. Spain emphasizes this great classic story by having the windmills Don Quixote fought in the book visually available for anyone who has read the story or anyone who is learning about Spanish culture. Not only were the windmills added in recognition for such a great novel, but a road was designed to show the actual trip Don Quixote and his companion, Sancho Panza, took. There was also a cute statue bench that showed Don Quixote and his companion in Alcalá; our whole group took a pictures with it, mimicking the statue.

We traveled to many cities in Spain, and each bus ride with everyone was always filled with laughter and conversation with people we didn’t know or interesting facts about Spain’s history. We were constantly hopping from city to city with new sights to see and things to learn; we were never bored. On our last hours in the Costa Del Sol, we wandered the beach and took our final breaths of Spanish air, not wanting to leave but knowing we had to return to our homes in Houston. Frankly, we think that was the saddest part because the country we were in is completely covered in history and new experiences and we had to leave that for a place we feel we know already. Yet, when we think about it, there is still more to learn and explore in our home country.