KIPP Houston: Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Award

by Chris Gonzalez on Apr 30, 2015

in Team & Family

Recently we were both honored and humbled as the only school system and one of the few nonprofits honored at the recent Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Awards. Selected because of Big KIPPster (staff and faculty) survey responses, we were deeply humbled to know that this award was received because of our belief in our collective work and the Team & Family. Awards are nice but are merely a symbolic statement of the Everyday Moments that culminate into our collective and Lifelong Impact.  As a Team & Family of more than 1,200 dedicated Big KIPPsters, we believe in a better tomorrow when our KIPPsters achieve the greatness that is often not expected of them. I am preaching to the choir when I tell you that in Harris County, only 8% of low-income 8th graders have historically graduated from college. At KIPP Houston, this is 54% of 8th graders…not nearly enough, but progress on a critical problem. (And we aren’t counting just our high school seniors but holding ourselves accountable for the results of our middle school students.) We will not be happy until we match the results of children from the highest socio-economic quartile-- 82% or more of our 8th graders completing higher education.This urgent need galvanizes our Team & Family to support and challenge our KIPPsters as they focus on the goal of going to and through college.