Kids' Thanksgiving Thoughts

by Ariel Reynolds on Nov 23, 2015

Nothing makes me appreciate a moment or a day more than seeing it through the eyes of a child. That’s why I set out to interview some of our KIPP CONNECT Primary KIPPsters about Thanksgiving.

Kids Say the Funniest Things

What is Thanksgiving?

“Thanksgiving is when you give everybody food. We celebrate it.” –Anthony, PreK 4

“It’s November 26, and we eat turkey.” –Samuel, first grade

“Thanksgiving is where you thank stuff.” –Juliana, PreK 4

“Thanksgiving means that you eat turkey. I celebrate thanksgiving and go to Subway.” –Emanuel, first grade

“Thanksgiving is when you give and share food.” –Alessandra, PreK 4

“I don’t know what Thanksgiving is but we read a book with Sagunto.” –Joshua, PreK 4

“Thanksgiving is where you celebrate thanksgiving with your family.” –Aby, first grade

What Are You Thankful For?

“I am thankful for turkeys, popcorn, and all of my friends.” –Anthony, PreK 4

“I am thankful God created this school and to have my friends around me.” –Alessandra, PreK 4

“I am thankful for my sister Angie and my train toys and oranges and apples. –Joshua, PreK 4

“I am thankful for my mom, my school, and my doll.” –Hillary, first grade  

“I am thankful that my mom takes me to the store and my brothers take good care of me.” –Emanuel, first grade

“I am thankful for my family and my little sister, Marjorie, and my friends.” –Aby, first grade