In the Fight Together

by Ariel Reynolds on Feb 17, 2016

More than two decades ago, the mission of Teach For America (TFA) planted the seed for KIPP when Co-Founders Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin were placed in Houston as TFA Corps Members. Little did they realize, their work in the classroom would continue well beyond two years in the Corps, spanning decades and reaching tens of thousands of KIPPsters. And they are amongst many TFA Corps Members and Alumni doing incredible work in education in KIPP schools and across the nation. To this day, the partnership with TFA remains invaluable.

After attending TFA’s 25th Anniversary Summit recently, Mohamad Maarouf, a 2010 TFA Corps Member and the Assistant Principal of KIPP Houston High School (KHHS) reflected on his experience with TFA and his passion for eliminating the achievement and opportunity gaps.

While at Duke University, Mohamad volunteered at an elementary school, working with children with some of the lowest literacy rates in the Durham area. Directly across the street was one of the best schools, which not only motivated Mohamad to reach that level for his students, but solidified his path after college. After seeing the disheartening difference in students’ educations and opportunities, Mohamad chose to join TFA.

During the weekend summit, Mohamad connected with other TFA Corps Members who are fighting the same fight.

“It was powerful to hear people talk about the educational movement. It’s encouraging to be reminded that we aren’t in this fight alone.”

Mohamad continues to work at KIPP because, to him, the fight is critical.

“I truly believe education is the issue of our time. I wholeheartedly believe every child deserves access to a high-quality education. It isn’t fair that ZIP code often determines fate.”

In 2010, Mohamad began his journey at KHHS as a first-year Corps Member. Recently he was selected to lead KHHS as the new School Leader for the 2016-17 school year. Plow on.