Fabeah Adu-Oppong: Teaching Impact

by Ariel Reynolds on Aug 31, 2015

in Alumni, Team & Family

Creative. Respectful. Passionate. Dedicated.

Fabeah Adu-Oppong has been an outstanding member of the KIPP Sharpstown Team and Family for four years, serving first as a 6th-grade science teacher and now as an 8th-grade science teacher and grade level chair. Fabeah’s relationship with KIPP reaches further back as she herself attended KIPP Academy Middle School. Fabeah embodies the values and aspirations KIPP seeks to instill in all KIPPsters.

Fabeah was recently selected to receive the Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award which awards outstanding teachers, earning $20,000.

Success in the Classroom

Fabeah is an avid data-tracker, and routinely starts her lesson with the previous day’s exit ticket data, clarifying misconceptions outright. Through her classroom routines and systems, she clearly lays out what it is a student must do to be successful. She consistently communicates high expectations for all learners, spending countless hours crafting interactive, informative lessons.

A student of Fabeah’s was asked what he wanted the selections committee to know about Ms. Adu-Oppong and he expressed that she is tough, but will do whatever it takes to make sure her students succeed. Fabeah volunteers time each week to host specific, targeted science tutorials for her most struggling learners.

Success in the School

Fabeah’s student-centered vision translates to her leadership. As the grade level chair, she is responsible for building the grade level culture. Team discussions focus on trends and tracking of both academic performance and behavior and are oriented toward solutions to improve culture. Fabeah also organized an annual trip to the University of Houston for interested students to participate with college students in a chemistry lab as well as collaborated with a fellow teacher to create a Robotics elective team, where students competed and placed in their regional competition. While chaperoning an end of the year, weeklong camping trip, Fabeah found herself at the top of the highest mountain in Texas with no signal and unpredicted 100 degree weather. During this time, she gave away her water to resistant students that “forgot” to fill their bottles again while ushering these students four miles down the mountain because of an unexpected lightning storm. Fabeah consistently goes to such great lengths because she is the kind of person who is defined by her actions.

Success Beyond What’s Expected

Although her success in the classroom and throughout her school is extremely impressive, Fabeah’s ability to build transformational relationships sets her apart more than any of the other achievements listed above.  On February 26th, 2012, Jacqueline Shaikh, a sixth grader in Fabeah’s homeroom, died because of a family tragedy. Fabeah was a first year teacher and was hit hard having to look at Jacqueline’s empty desk every day. Fabeah demonstrated great strength and resiliency in the days and months that followed. She stepped up and provided emotional support for her students, particularly one student also named Jacqueline, the best friend of the Jacqueline who passed. Fabeah worked hard to make it clear to Jacqueline that she was not alone and that she would never give up on her.

Fabeah is a teacher who exemplifies courageous endurance. She is unafraid to be boldly committed to what she believes in, and she consistently grows herself to advocate for the best interest of students.

On Tuesday, August 11, Fabeah was presented her award at KIPP Houston’s annual Team and Family reunion by fellow teachers, Rebeka Solis and Amanda De Leon, Jacqueline, her two sisters, Boahemaa and Twenewaa Adu-Oppong, her family, and boyfriend.

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