Building Lifelong Relationships

by Ariel Reynolds on Apr 22, 2016

There are incredible opportunities to learn and grow at KIPP. Joy Taluyo is doing just that. Twelve years ago, as a founding teaching fellow at SHINE, Joy has grown from teacher to dean to assisstant principal and now to school leader of KIPP Intrepid.

Even more exciting to Joy is that she will continue working with some of the same families she worked with for many years at Explore.

“I am so excited to make this transition from elementary to middle school,” Joy said. “I have the privilege of working with some of the same families that I worked with at Explore. I am excited to build an even stronger bridge between the two schools and one East End campus.”

Joy is confident about this next step and eager to lead KIPP Intrepid.

“I have been an instructional coach for many years,” Joy shared. “Instructional coaching is about moving and supporting teachers to be the greatest for kids whether in elementary, middle, or high schools. I feel confident that this experience will translate into my new role at Intrepid.” 

Relationships matter to Joy and this transition allows her to continue to see families and students grow. She has had the wonderful honor of seeing KIPPsters run up to her, beaming about what they are learning, experiencing, and planning for college.

The KIPPsters are always why we do what we do.

“One of my 4th grade students had been working hard to get back on track with his behavior. He loved being a student helper for our teachers. If he had a clean week, then on Friday, he would have a chance to help in one of our teachers’ classrooms. This particular week, he had one of his best weeks yet, and he came to the office, beaming, knowing that he had earned the chance to be a student helper. It happened to be a cold, rainy day, and our youngest students in the afternoon cohort were about to be dropped off. We headed over to help with arrival and he noticed one of the students that had arrived just standing there, crying, not wanting to move. He walked over and asked the little boy if everything was okay. When the little boy didn’t answer, he said, “It’s okay. Don’t cry. You’re going to have a good day.” Then he bent down to zip up the little boy’s jacket. He dried his tears and held his hand as he walked him to class. Throughout the afternoon, he checked on the little boy to make sure he was okay, and even as weeks passed, he would ask about the little boy.”

Moments like these are why we do what we do.

Joy wanted to share a message to the KIPP Intrepid parents she will continue working with this next  school year: I am excited to continue working with our students and families in the East End. Over my time at KIPP, I have developed a deep understanding of our traditions and culture. I look forward to working together to ensure our students’ success in both academics and culture as they continue on their journey to and through college.