by Ariel Reynolds on Feb 19, 2016

in In the News, Team & Family

Once again, our Team & Family agrees that KIPP is The Best Job Ever! After many awards over many years (Houston Chronicle in 2015, Houston Business Journal in 2013, 2014, and 2015, and Best and Brightest 2015, 2016) we know that KIPP Houston Public Schools is an extraordinary place to work and build a better tomorrow. Hear from our team members on why they KNOW that KIPP is a special place.  

There is no way an apple tree would be able to withstand having to carry all the apples if it didn’t have a great trunk to support the branches. If we as a team are successful, then we, as individuals working for this organization, are successful as well. –Elvira Gutierrez, KIPP Alumna and KIPP Payroll Administrator

Education opened doors for me and allowed me to attend an incredible public university to study my lifelong passion of teaching! I love that I am contributing to that same opportunity for every student I work with in my Geometry classes. After all, life is pointless without Geometry. –Kelly Pfister, KIPP Houston High School Geometry Teacher

Administrators, teachers, parents, and students are team & family. It’s everyone I get to work closely with daily. If everyone is engaged and exhibit interest, it has been proven to translate into higher student achievement. –Diep Kartadjoemena, KIPP ZENITH Kindergarten Teacher

My life trajectory and my sister’s trajectory were changed because of KIPP. I’m proud and honored to be working at KIPP because now I’m able to put in the energy that so many of my former teachers put into me all those years ago. I am able to help be a little force changing my students’ life trajectories. –Fabeah Adu-Oppong, KIPP SHARP Science Teacher

&, not or. As a Team & Family we are always looking for ways to turn the or into an AND for children. –Chris Gonzalez, KIPP Houston Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Feeling part of a bigger movement is Team & Family. We all have to work together for one mission: we must provide the best education to all children regardless of their zip code. –Anthony Nguyen, KIPP Liberation Math Teacher

An organization that strives to develop students who have a strong foundation in both academics and character is the kind of place where I want to be. –Joy Taluyo, KIPP Explore Assistant Principal

Making the path clear for all learners to experience the freedom that a great education brings is something that I deeply believe in, and KIPP is a place where that belief is lived every day! That is what keeps me passionate and feeling blessed to be a part of this incredible Team & Family. –Deedrah Harp, KIPP Houston Chief Innovation Officer

I get to work in the community that I grew up in. I am able to teach my former classmates’ kids and see them grow into great individuals. -Mayra Gonzalez, KIPP Explore Kindergarten Teacher

Loving my job is easy because the people I work with are committed to building a school (literally building-we didn’t exist last year) that grows one student at a time into leaders of tomorrow. –Steve Khadam Hir, KIPP Academy West Founding School Leader

Yes, this is the job where I feel valued and have numerous opportunities to grow professionally. –April Watkins, Graduate Teaching Fellow at KIPP Intrepid