Anthony Nguyen: Teaching Impact

by Ariel Reynolds on Sep 14, 2015

in Team & Family

“Mr. Nguyen gives you chance after chance to get it right. I have never seen him get mad at us for asking questions and wanting to know more. He is kindhearted and cares about me as a person. I have struggled in math and was retained before coming to 8th grade. But Mr. Nguyen has never made me feel like I am not smart. I am not the best math student, but I feel like I can be when he is my teacher.” – Asharia Chargois

“You know what? On the cool though, Mr. Nguyen has helped me be more focused. I was already pretty good in math before coming to KIPP, but this year is different. He makes sure I give 100% every day. It has been tough, especially during basketball and football season, but he never let me make excuses. I think, scratch that, I know I am smarter because of him.” – Dale Dickerson

Anthony Nguyen came to KIPP Liberation as a wide-eyed, Teach for America corps member and has since developed into a dynamic teacher and role model for students and teammates alike. During his three years at KIPP Liberation, he has served by leading the math department, as a Project LIFE manager, and regional Teacher Leader for 8th grade math and Algebra.

During the last three years, Anthony has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the academic and personal growth of his students and shows the desire to consistently improve and enhance his own instruction.

Anthony was recently selected to receive the Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award, which awards outstanding teachers with $20,000.

As a Teacher

Anthony’s lessons demonstrate his vast understanding of math, and his in-depth notes mean no student leaves without having the space to learn, grow, thrive, try, stumble and ultimately find him there to provide support. He intentionally teaches to students’ misconceptions and anticipates where they might go wrong. Day after day, his exit tickets reflect 80%, 85%, 95% meeting or achieving standards. 

During his first year, Anthony established the Algebra program at Liberation. His 8th grade students persevered, and 100% of his Algebra students passed the state exam, a test typically reserved for 9th grade students in the State of Texas. Every child he taught walked into high school with high school credit. Anthony’s hard work and dedication sets his KIPPsters up for success as they are all a year ahead in math. 

As a Teammate

Anthony works to ensure that his strengths are his team’s strengths. He wasn’t satisfied with his students being the only ones to achieve significant gains. Rather, he extended his reach across his content team so that quality math would be provided at the school and region-wide. Anthony has grown more in four years, both professionally and personally, than most teachers grow within their entire careers.

Mathematical Excellence

Recently, Anthony worked in conjunction with the National Society of Black Engineers to coordinate the first school-wide Math Bowl in which every student and every teacher was engaged in pushing the students to take academic risks.

KIPP Houston High School Math Bowl:

-First Place, Top Overall Division Score

-First Place, Top Algebra I Division Team

-First Place, Top Individual Algebra I Score

KIPP Houston Middle School Math Bowl:

-First Place, G7/G8 Liberation  Speed/Mental Math Division Score

-First Place, G7/G8 Liberation - Top Overall Score

Mr. Nguyen is as a quiet fighter, refusing to accept anything but academic and behavioral excellence from his students and himself. He has consistently demonstrated exceptional character and courage, unbridled resilience and an uncanny maturity, years beyond his age. Everyone who meets Anthony is immediately impressed by the hard work, dedication, explicit attention to detail, and pride that he pours into his lessons.

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