84th Leg Update: ALL Our Kids

by Chris Gonzalez on Apr 14, 2015

in Team & Family

Monday was a special day. With my advocacy team mates, Adriana and Lupita, I travelled to Austin for a day that means more than just the minutes in the few hours to drive, stand in the warm sun, and make our voices heard. We went to Austin to remind legislators and students that we believe in something bigger than just today. We believe in tomorrow, a tomorrow where ALL children can and WILL climb the mountain to and through college.

This legislative session, a 2001 Texas law (HB 1403) that is near to the hearts of many educators, business leaders, and families’—in-state tuition for ALL Texas students, including those without documentation—is being debated.

At a rally and press conference at the capitol, we stood up to protect HB 1403 so that each and every future generation of KIPPsters and Texas’ children have access to the college education they deserve.

And for me it was a very special day indeed, as I stood with a friend, neighbor, Spring Woods High School graduate, and University of Texas sophomore, Lizeth, who has served as an advocate for a cause that affects her, her brother, and many students behind her. She tells her story so that every hardworking student knows that education is the door to opportunity.

Today mattered tremendously because we know that today’s everyday moments make tomorrow’s lifelong impact. 

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