Graduate Teaching Fellow Tips

by KIPP Houston on Mar 01, 2016

in Teacher Tips

Being a part of the KIPP Houston Graduate Teaching Fellowship is a prestigious honor and an amazing opportunity for individuals interested in a career in teaching but aren’t quite ready to have their own classroom. The Fellowship is a unique experience. Our Fellows receive a master’s degree in teaching and Texas teaching certification all while working full time in a KIPP school and attending graduate school with the Relay Graduate School of Education.

We receive many competitive applications for the Fellowship program, and less than a quarter of applicants will receive offers. If you’re planning to apply for the Fellowship program, here are some tips to make you a stronger candidate.

1. Mission Alignment

When thinking about the ideal candidate for the Fellowship, we look for individuals who are passionate about our mission and have a desire to work with students in underserved communities.

2. Leadership & Excellence

Because our Fellows must be strong leaders in their classrooms, we look for candidates who have leadership and volunteer experience and a GPA above a 2.75. The Fellowship is a rigorous program, and we look for individuals who are driven, strive for excellence, and are willing to work with others.

3. Growth Mindset

We are also looking for Fellows who take and learn from critical feedback. Every Friday, our Fellows come together with their cohort for Deliberate Practice, a three-hour session that focuses on specific teaching skills. During Deliberate Practice, our Relay faculty gives feedback to our Fellows about what they did well and what they can do to improve their teaching skills. The first year of the Fellowship involves a lot of growth and the refinement of instrucitonal skills.

4. Persistence

Overall, the Fellowship is meant for individuals who want to learn and are willing to work hard to make sure their students succeed. Teaching is an incredibly challening profession and learning to teach while taking graduate school classes can be similarly rigorous. While the Fellowship is a demanding two-year commitment, our Fellows come out more prepared to take over and succeed in their own classrooms.

For more information on the Graduate Teaching Fellowship, please click here.  Our next deadline is March 21st.

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