3 Tips for Your Resume

by KIPP Houston on Feb 22, 2016

in Teacher Tips

Want your resume to stand out from the crowd? Danielle LaSaint, Manager of Recruitment, shares her top 3 strategies to have a resume that never gets overlooked.

1. Show us what you’ve done, how you did it, and the results it yielded

It is very tempting when writing a resume to only include your general day-to-day job responsibilities; however, recruiters and managers want to know the impact you have made through your daily work. You want to use action words on your resume that highlight your accomplishments and then support them with statistics which adds credibility to your work.

For example, a better way of saying “created lesson plans,” is to say “achieved 40% improvement on campus assessments by creating meaningful targeted lessons.”

Keeping a “brag file” is a great way to remember your relevant successes. For new grads, highlight examples of leadership within organizations, positions held in sororities and fraternities, and any volunteer experience. We also love seeing unique experiences on your resume. Don't be afraid to highlight times where you have studied abroad or trained for a marathon. Examples like these offer learning experiences and set you apart from other candidates.

2. Short and sweet

Keep your resume short and sweet. A good rule of thumb is to have one page for every 10 years of employment. Additionally, be sure to keep your previous job experiences recent and relevant. Employment should be listed in “reverse” chronological order, starting with the most recent employment at the top.

3. Professionalism is a must

Your resume is your first impression to employers so make it professional. Recruiters will often spend no more than two minutes scanning your information. With thousands of applicants, a misspelling or grammatical error can be the one thing that separates good from great candidates. Ask your family or friends to look over your resume as a fresh set of eyes. It’s also important that there aren’t any formatting issues. Saving the document as a PDF can ensure consistent formatting.

So update your resume and apply to work at the best job ever!