Graduate Teaching Fellow Tips

by KIPP Houston on Mar 01, 2016

Mission Alignment, Leadership & Excellence, Growth Mindset, and Persistence are each essential for Graduate Teaching Fellows.

3 Tips for Your Resume

by KIPP Houston on Feb 22, 2016

Danielle LaSaint, Manager of Recruitment, shares her top 3 strategies to have a resume that never gets overlooked.

Rachael Purdom: Blended Learning

by Sarah Brock on Sep 16, 2015

Take 5 with Rachael, Assistant Principal, as she discusses the implementation of blended learning at Intrepid.

Jamaal Henry: The Power of Culture

by KIPP Houston on Aug 26, 2015

As you kick off a great school year, let us reflect on the impact of a deliberate culture at KIPP Northeast.

Kim Underwood: Finding Failure

by KIPP Houston on Aug 19, 2015

Kim had never really known failure until she met her first class of curious 5-year olds. Read how failure became her friend, spurring her to excellence.

Prepared and Successful Teachers

by Sarah Brock on Aug 12, 2015

"Ms. Barack" shares her own first year teaching challenges and opportunities for fellows.