Benefits and Compensation

Benefits and Compensation

There are many benefits to our Fellows who participate in the Graduate Teaching Fellowship, including:

  • A Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) from the Relay Graduate School of Education
  • Texas teaching certificate (certification in Texas typically costs upwards of $4,000, but is wrapped into the cost of the program with the Fellowship)
  • A full-time, paid job both years with an opportunity to learn how to teach within KIPP
  • Extensive training to enter the classroom more prepared to be a highly effective teacher
  • Lead teaching job in the second year of the program
  • Enrollment in KIPP Houston’s benefits, including full medical, dental, and vision plans, in addition to many other perks including access to childcare 
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Fellows of this program will receive more than $100,000 in salary and tuition assistance over the two years:

Scholarships from KIPP, Relay, and other sources


Year 1 Salary


Year 2 Salary 


Fellow’s Contribution to Master's Degree (Paid in 2nd Year)


Total Program Value 


Fellows will pay $7,000 and all out-of-pocket costs come in the second year. Financial aid packages vary by individual, but through scholarships and financial aid provided by Relay, KIPP, and other sources, all other program costs will be covered. Fellows are also eligible for loan deferment.