KIPP Voyage


From Mahoganey, Class of 2017:

KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls is the one and only KIPP all girls’ school. We were founded in 2009 by an amazing school leader, Tasha Ginn. We have a total of 300 students enrolled in grades 5 thru 8. Our mission is to empower young women to be self-respecting independent thinkers with the academic, character, and social skills necessary to thrive in, and graduate from the four-year college of their choice, as well as make meaningful contributions to their community and the world.

KIPP Legacy

KIPP Legacy Preparatory School opened in August of 2010. KIPP Legacy is a college-preparatory elementary school serving PreK 3 through fourth grade with a focus on providing rich academic, cultural, and character building experiences to support our students' development and journey to college and beyond. At KIPP Legacy, we are cultivating the global leaders of tomorrow by helping our students discover their talents, gifts, and role in life and the world.

KIPP Northeast

KIPP Northeast College Preparatory opened in June of 2013 with approximately 120 college-bound freshmen. The school will expand by one grade level each year until it serves approximately 480 students in the 2016-17 school year. At KIPP Northeast, college readiness is at the center of everything we do; as a school, we will work to ensure that each student receives individualized instruction to help address their different academic needs. 

KIPP Polaris

As KIPP's first single-gender school, KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys opened in 2007 to serve the young men of Northeast Houston. Polaris now serves young men in the fifth through eighth grades. Polaris' students are 51% African-American, 47% Hispanic, 1% White, 1% Other, and 79% low-income.

Daily Class Structure

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