The philosophy of KIPP SHARP Prep is derived from our vision and reflected in our approach to honoring the multidimensional and unique characteristics of our children. Our primary objective is to create a beautiful environment where our children are invited, motivated and supported to explore learning, while falling in love with learning and with life. We have created a school where children can discover what the world has to offer them and their place in it.  Although our primary focus is on academics, our character education program guides every lesson in the building. T

KIPP Sharpstown

KIPP Sharpstown College Prep is a free college-preparatory public school serving the Gulfton and Sharpstown neighborhoods of Southwest Houston. The mission of KIPP Sharpstown is to ensure that our students internalize the habits of self-reliance, honor, achievement, responsibility to others, and persistence in order to become life-long learners capable of excelling in college and committed to transforming tomorrow. 

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