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Lifting up Parent Voices

by Guest Blogger on Jul 28, 2016

KHHS teacher Tyler Alabanza-Behard spent this summer in DC helping parents advocate for their children. Join his call.

Great Teaching and More of It

by Guest Blogger on Jun 29, 2016

Krystine Taylor reflects on the great teachers who are her inspiration for being an exceptional teacher.

From KIPPster to NYC City Hall

by Ariel Reynolds on Jun 29, 2016

Melissa Diaz:"Oh yeah, grit and persistence are my whole life."

The Opportunity of High School

by Ariel Reynolds on Jun 29, 2016

Thomas Goldsbury's teaching story begins as a KIPP Saturday School tutor. He now teaches Calculus at KHHS.

Ilene Benzman: KIPP Legend

by Guest Blogger on Jun 23, 2016

At KIPP we often showcase "To and Through College" achievements, but what about those other Big KIPPsters who make it “Through and To Retirement”?

Incredible Classroom

by Ariel Reynolds on Jun 14, 2016

First-grade Legacy teacher, Spencer Russell, has high standards for his classroom and his KIPPsters rise to meet them every time.