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The Marshmallow Test

by Guest Blogger on Jun 04, 2016

Learn the reason KIPP hands out bags of marshmallows every year at their annual pennant ceremony!

By the Numbers: KIPP Through College

by Archie McCoy on Jun 02, 2016

We are proud of all of our KIPPsters on their climbs up the mountain to and through college.

Helping Others Beat the Odds

by Lupita Talley on Jun 02, 2016

KIPP ZENITH teacher, Claudia Cardenas, is a KIPP alumna who climbed the mountain to college and is now giving back to students like her.

Sergio: In His Own Words

by Ariel Reynolds on May 24, 2016

We have been following Generations' senior, Sergio. Read these short essays to learn more about this incredible young man.

KIPP Everyday Moments. Lifelong Impact.

Everyday Moments. Lifelong Impact.

by Sarah Brock on May 23, 2016

Why KIPP? Big KIPPsters, alumni teachers, and KIPPsters share their personal (and often emotional) experiences with KIPP.  This video includes special cameo appearances by:

Top 5 Reasons to Work at KIPP

by Chris Gonzalez on May 13, 2016

Learn more about why working at KIPP is the Best Job Ever (as proven by the many best workplace awards based on employee surveys)!